byJ is
• more than a fragrance
• the materialization of your experience and emotion, dedicated to you and your identity
• a connection with your innerself, enhancing moods, evoking memories and creating awarness
• all about the art of composing a fragrance with pure natural and botanical extracts
• a custom designed fragrance

Curious as we are we scour the world to find new challenges and experiences. And in this world with all possible opportunities sometimes we can get overloaded by images. Going back to oneself is getting more and more a necessity.

Every person and every brand has its identity, which can be defined as strong, dynamic or sensitive. These qualities you could describe, you could visualize, but the most effective way is to let the other experience your quality.
A fragrance brings you to a place close to your hart, it touches your deeper emotions and memories. Just a touch of fragrance will be enough to get back to your innerself.

Where words can describe a feeling, a scent will bring you into a feeling.

The composed fragrances are the base for the byJ collection scented candles and roomsprays.
Every scented candle, every roomspray is made by hand with carefull attention and great passion.
Now it’s time to share these experiences with the rest of the world.
And if you like to have your own custom designed fragrance byJ will be happy to bring you that experience too.

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